Ankle Pain

Physical Therapy Helps Manage Ankle Pain

Ankle sprains have many causes and one certain effect, it makes it really painful to walk. In the past, pain medication would have been a likely option to treat ankle pain. Fortunately, we have advanced beyond potentially dangerous opioid use. Physical therapy has many benefits that can help reduce ankle pain while boosting your healing process. The professionals at Orange County Physical Therapy in Newport Beach can help alleviate your ankle pain without opioids or other addictive pain medications.


Common Causes of Ankle Sprains

No matter what you do throughout the day, you run the risk of suffering an ankle sprain. You may simply step on uneven ground that twists and sprains your ankle. You might go jogging on the beach and one false step could cause a quick ankle sprain. If you ever sprain your ankle while you are stepping down on it, that can be particularly nasty. When your ankle suddenly loses stability while stepping down, the potential for extensive damage rises greatly. If it happens badly enough, you could break an ankle bone or suffer a fracture. Such injuries add to the pain and increase the need for physical therapy to help hasten the healing process.

Some Injuries Require Sports Therapy

If you play sports that require running or constant movement on your feet, the odds of suffering an ankle sprain rises. A sport like basketball or soccer puts two or more opponents in close proximity. Often, one player will step on the other’s foot by accident and cause a serious sprain. Unlike simple fractures, a sprain tears soft tissue that takes much longer to heal. That is because the weakened structure makes it nearly impossible to put any weight on your ankle. Special sports therapy treatment can help you recover faster by increasing blood flow and improving flexibility.

Schedule Your Appointment for Ankle Pain Relief

Don’t let ankle pain from a sprain ruin your day. If you are in Newport Beach and you’ve recently suffered a sprain or another painful ankle injury, we can help. Just call our friendly staff at Orange County Physical Therapy at (949) 379-8400 and schedule a time to come in as soon as today. Our specialists will work with you to accurately diagnose your ankle pain and develop a non-invasive treatment plan for recovery without the need for addictive pain medications.



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