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Lower and upper back pain can be treated with physical therapy. Back pain is a common complaint at many physical therapy clinics. It affects around 85% to 90% of Americans. The good news is that there is a relief for your symptoms. Keep reading to find out more about back pain and how physical therapy can help reduce it.

About back pain

The back consists of bones, also known as the vertebrae. These are stacked on each other. There are shock absorbers, or intervertebral disks, between the bones to protect the back. There are muscular attachments to make the spine more mobile.

Common causes of back pain can include forward bending, lifting heavy things, and having poor posture. Trauma can also cause back pain. But sometimes, there is no noticeable reason for the symptoms. It is believed that repetitive strain might cause pain.

When to get physical therapy

Back pain can be a serious issue that affects daily life. It is a good idea to consult with a physical therapist immediately. If there is a sudden loss of control of the muscles in the hip or leg, patients should seek help. This can be caused by a serious problem.

If the patient loses control of the bladder or bowels, it may be because the back is compressing the spinal cord. That might affect the nerves that control the bladder and bowels, resulting in a loss of control for the patient. A symptom might be being unable to urinate. If this happens with back pain, it is a medical emergency.

It is rare, but in some cases, trauma might cause pain in the back. That might be from a vehicle accident or a recent fall. If there has been significant trauma, it is a good idea to see a doctor. There might be a fracture in the area that needs to be treated before getting physical therapy.

What is physical therapy like?

If the back pain interferes with regular activities, it is time to visit the therapist. When a patient goes to a therapist, an initial evaluation will be needed. The patient should wear comfortable clothing. Quite a bit of moving around might be needed.

First, the physical therapist will take a history of the current issue. The patient will talk about what causes the pain to get worse. Measurements of the patient’s movements will also be taken. That might include looking at the patient’s strength and range of motion. After this evaluation, the therapist will make a treatment plan for the patient. It is important to participate actively in this plan.

Choose physical therapy today

Remember that one of the most important times to take care of your back is if you have no symptoms. Having good posture and the right level of mobility and strength in your spine will help you avoid pain. Your therapist will help you learn the right way to manage your pain. Making an appointment with a therapist near you today is your first step.

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