Concierge Physical Therapy

OCPT is all about providing the best outcome for everyone.  This means at times you may want to extend your physical therapy needs outside of the clinic.  This is why OCPT provides a Concierge Service -

Our Concierge Service allows you to maximize your skills to perform your best.  This means that our physical therapist come to you to provide their treatments. Our services are delivered to you:

    • On the field or court  ðŸŽ¾
    • At your home or office ðŸ 
    • At an athletic event or race ðŸ‘Ÿ
    • Telehealth solutions ðŸ“²

Each of our Doctors of Physical Therapy have been involved with sporting activities and trained in sports specific events.  This may include running, tennis, soccer, strength training, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, football, surfing, swimming, mountain and road cycling, snowboarding, skiing, and many other indoor and outdoor activities.   We are specialists ready to serve you.  

To get started on your Concierge Service, please call our office at (949)379-8400 or fill out our online form. 

How it works

Scheduling a concierge visit is easy..

  • Schedule An Appointment
    Request an appointment online or by phone
  • Get Matched With A Therapist
    We will choose one of our expert physical therapists that best suites the needs of your visit.
  • Receive Care On Your Schedule
    Your therapist will come to your home, office, or athletic event so getting care is easy and convenient.

Schedule Your Concierge Appointment

Meet Our Team

Dr. Victor Rusenescu, DPT

Performance is Everything! 

As an athlete myself, I know this statement to be very true. I have worked in the physical therapy world for more than two decades and have seen all sorts of injuries from both on and off the court.

 From high school students, collegiate athletes, and professional athletes I’ve worked with, the goal is always to strive for the best; to be able to rely on your body to perform at its peak and achieve excellence. For some people this could mean to be able to get back on a bike they love riding, to get back to running without knee pain, or simply to be able to get through the day without back pain.

Here at OCPT, we understand these goals and know how to help people achieve results in less time. Give us a call and let us help empower you to be your best any day and to live by our motto- LIVE LIFE NOW. 


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