3 Common Minor Injuries in Young Athletes

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Looking for information on minor injuries that are common among young athletes? Parents who have children who participate in sports are always concerned that have their child is going to somehow become injured. While there is always a chance for injury when playing sports, when the parent and child understand what some of the more common injuries are they can often take precautionary measures. While the chances of a child being hurt when playing sports is there, the good news is that most of the injuries that a young athlete may sustain are minor.

The most common minor injuries

The following list contains three of the more common types of minor injuries that are found in young athletes.

#1 – Sprained ankle

A sprained ankle is a very common injury and can happen anytime the ankle is turned and twisted in a way that causes the ligaments to be stretched out too far or even torn. There are different types of sprains, but most young athletes are diagnosed with a type of sprain that only causes them to experience some minor discomfort and general soreness. Treating a sprained ankle often requires utilizing physical therapy in order to once again strengthen the ligaments and muscles in and around the ankle area.

#2 – Runner's knee

Runner's knee is another common injury a young athlete will experience. A runner's knee diagnosis is given when the kneecap is not quite in its proper place, which means it is not able to move properly in between the femur and the tibia. While this minor injury is usually caused by overusing the knee, it can also be caused by knee misalignment. Treating runner's knee tends to involve using the RICE method to straighten the area (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

#3 – Shin splints

Shin splints are a common diagnosis in young athletes who participate in running sports, soccer and football. Shin splints describe what happens when the calf muscles put too much strain on the shin muscles, which in turn makes it so that the shin muscles start to somewhat shift away from the bones. Treating shin splints is done by strengthening the shin muscles, utilizing certain physical therapy methods. It may be necessary for young athletes to stop participating in their sport until their muscles are fully healed.

Prevention strategies

A few beneficial prevention strategies that can help prevent young athletes from becoming injured in the first place include following the rules of the sport, wearing the appropriate sports gear, being in overall good health, warming up before playing and staying hydrated.

Do you have any questions we can answer for you?

If you have any questions regarding the minor injuries that your child could potentially be diagnosed with when playing sports, know that our team of professionals are more than happy to answer your questions. As you can see by the information above regarding minor injuries that young athletes are susceptible to, there are treatments available that can help get your child back on track to once again being strong and healthy.

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