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      Orange County Physical Therapy OCPT

      At Orange County Physical Therapy OCPT, we strive to implement the safest and most effective practices when treating our patients. Our mission is to ensure every patient feels safe, comfortable, and well taken care of during their physical therapy sessions by providing a positive experience about visiting a physical therapist. Dr. Victor Rusenescu, DPT has dedicated his career to making patients optimistic and confident in their treatment and recovery while using all means necessary to prevent health complications from arising preceding treatment.

      Our approach involves one-on-one sessions with a certified doctor, one patient per session, complete education, an emphasis on manual therapy, and private treatment rooms.

      Our Team

      Our team is dedicated to providing quality treatments in the safest, most effective way possible. We can help patients understand and implement good home practices and lifestyle habits that supplement in-office treatment. Any member of our friendly team can help you understand your condition and the tools you need to manage your symptoms wherever you are. Our team consists of 5 Doctors of Physical Therapy: Dr. Victor Rusenescu, DPT; Dr. Haze Hernandez, DPT; Dr. David Enfinger, DPT, OCS; Dr. Brittany Kazane, DPT. Our personal trainer on-site is Al Jamm. You can read more about each of our team members in their individual bios.

      Our Services

      Our primary goal at Orange County Physical Therapy (OCPT) is to provide top-tier, high-quality healthcare in a comfortable setting. We provide services that cater to all individuals, regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender. Our team is bilingual and can provide services in English, Spanish, and Romanian. Our services range from common injuries to post-operative physical therapy, sports injuries, and veteran care. Common injuries include knee, shoulder, neck, back, elbow, and hip injuries, among others. We also specialize in pain management and provide patients with the essential tools they need to reduce and manage their pain at home through a variety of methods, including lifestyle modifications.

      Patient Information

      Prior to any diagnosis or treatment, we hold a consultation appointment for each of our patients to get to know them and their current condition. We will need to collect the patient’s medical history, current condition, health insurance coverage, allergies, and any other relevant data, such as a physician’s referral. During the consultation, we will check vitals and conduct a physical examination. Finally, we will curate a customized treatment plan based on the patient’s unique needs, consisting of their required medications, treatments, procedures, lifestyle modifications, and any other recommendations.

      Our Services

      Veteran Care

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      Knee Injury Treatment

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      Post Operative Physical Therapy

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      2135 Westcliff Dr. Suite 203
      Newport Beach, CA 92660


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      Why Choose Us

      At Orange County Physical Therapy OCPT, we provide the highest quality physical therapy services in the greater Orange County area. Our team strives to meet all of our patient's needs at an affordable price and are passionate about building lifetime relationships with our patients.

      We focus each physical therapy treatment on listening to your concerns to discover the underling cause to why you are experiencing pain and/or difficulty with your daily activities. Each treatment session is specified to improve pain, limitations, and to achieve the best outcomes for your goals.

      We have a variety of skill sets to provide you with to help meet your physical needs. Whether your goal is to return to a sport, activity, or improve daily pain experiences following an injury or surgery, we strive to expand your knowledge about your pain or injury and teach you how you can be an active participant in your recovery.