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We define Telehealth as the new norm for all healthcare providers including physical therapist. At OCPT, we offer either a Telehealth call through a phone call or video chat. We use the most efficient and compliant ways to provide this service such as Zoom and Skype. The reason that Telehealth has become so popular and insurance companies has adopted to this form of providing healthcare is from the overwhelming concern to keep those that are compromised at home. So in the event that you cannot come into the clinic, a Telehealth option is now available.

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      Telehealth FAQ

      Here are some important questions of how Telehealth physical therapy works at OCPT:

      What treatments can I receive over a video conference call?

      • Initial evaluations
      • Weekly assessments including: monitor range of motion, strength gains, and functional movement
      • Provide corrective movement patterns to best move without pain
      • Provide new and updated home treatment plans
      • Go through exercise routine with your physical therapist

      Is Telehealth physical therapy effective?

      • Yes. Not only is it effective its proven. Physicians throughout the world have used Telehealth for a number of years. Medical professionals such a physical therapist are trained to listen and provide the correct diagnosis and assessment when it comes to your physical therapy needs.

      Why should I have an at-home program?

      • As mentioned earlier sometimes you can’t always make it to our clinic, but we don’t want you to skip a session – so we’re offering a way to keep in touch with you.

      Is there a cost to using Telehealth?

      • All major insurances cover Telehealth
      • For cash based inquires please give us a call (949) 299-0297

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