5 Benefits of Cupping Therapy

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An alternative treatment method for pain and circulation concerns, cupping is an ancient cultural practice that has recently become more mainstream. Cupping can be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities or performed alone. Supporters of this type of therapy believe the body can be purified and healed through regular sessions. Practitioners use different methods and materials, including earthenware, glass, bamboo or silicone cups. Skin is pulled into the interior of the cup by creating a vacuum using heat or pump suction. 

Cupping therapy benefits

After experiencing cupping sessions, many individuals report improvements in both acute and chronic conditions. Treatment success can depend on the original ailment, the experience of the practitioner and the number of sessions attended. 

1. Improvement in chronic pain

Cupping therapy is frequently used by people experiencing chronic pain. Those suffering from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or other chronically painful conditions often turn to alternative methods to reduce the need for prescription pain medication and gain additional relief. The pain experienced after an injury sometimes becomes chronic or lifelong, so trying different methods of pain management can be beneficial. 

2. Reduction of inflammation

Inflammatory conditions in the body can be caused by lifestyle and food choices and internal processes that are not functioning optimally. Supporters believe using cups to draw toxins from the body promotes healing and helps the body reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation in the body can also reduce the symptoms of a disease. Since chronic inflammation can lead to new disease, the therapy that reduces inflammation can also reduce the chance of new disease development. 

3. Increase in circulation and blood flow

The primary reason to use cups alone or during massage therapy is to increase blood flow to the treatment area. Some methods involve using silicone cups that use suction to attach to the body and can be moved around to expand the total treatment area. The suction promotes increased circulation over the entire surface by bringing blood flow from deeper tissues toward the exterior of the skin. 

4. Stimulation during deep tissue massage

Massage therapy can include surface or deep tissue massage. For clients that want a deep tissue massage, hot stones and cups are sometimes used to reach deeper areas. Cup techniques using heat or suction reach some of the deeper muscles that traditional massage cannot stimulate. 

5. Assistance in relaxation 

Some people choose cupping therapy as a regular part of their routine due to the relaxation the method provides. In conjunction with massage therapy or alone, this type of therapy can be a useful relaxation tool even for those who do not have a specific condition to treat. For those that do have specific ailments to treat, the relaxation benefits can aid in the healing process. 


Although it is considered a form of alternative medicine, cupping is a therapy method that has been around for centuries. Proponents of the therapy believe it provides many benefits, including pain and inflammation reduction, circulation and blood flow stimulation, healing of deep muscle tissues and an increase in relaxation. 

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