Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Post-Operative Physical Therapy Newport Beach, CA

Orthopedic surgery is very common in the world today with around 7 million surgeries being performed per year in the United States alone. Some of the most common orthopedic surgeries performed include knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder replacements, ACL reconstruction, shoulder or knee arthroscopy, joint fusions and more. With these surgeries comes pain and other limitations in things such as strength, range of motion, joint mobility, and movement and coordination impairments. These impairments can limit an individual's ability to participate in their everyday and recreational activities for extensive periods of time if they are not properly rehabilitated. Physical therapy has been proven to have significant effects on post-operative rehabilitation by improving these physical impairments and using evidence-based protocols to improve function of these individuals after surgery.

Each surgery comes with its own protocol for rehabilitation and guidelines for things that can and cannot be done while the tissues are healing. Physical therapists are specialists in following these protocols and because every individual presents differently for each surgery, physical therapists are able to use their knowledge and skills to identify the impairments that they present with. Once the impairments are identified, manual and exercise therapy is used to address each impairment while following the protocols in a safe manner. By following these protocols and by utilizing manual therapy skills the outcomes of these surgeries are improved more quickly and efficiently when compared to individual’s that do not go through physical therapy rehabilitation. This is a vital part of rehab in order to heal properly and will allow the individual to return to the activities that they need to do and that they enjoy doing in a more timely manner.

The physical therapists here at Orange County Physical Therapy are not only trained in these protocols, but are experts in assessing each individual and finding their functional impairments. Once we are able to locate the impairments and the tissues that are causing them, we are able to create individualized programs to address the impairments by utilizing the most current evidence based manual skills, modalities, and therapeutic exercises. We have a more manual approach and utilize one on one treatment with your doctor every single visit. Our goal is to get each patient better in the least amount of time needed. So if you or anyone you know has had surgery or plans on having surgery, then come in and get treated by one of our physical therapists at Orange County Physical Therapy. You can contact us at (949) 299-0297, request an appointment, or email us with inquiries at [email protected]

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