Cycling Performance Therapy

Road cycling is an activity that combines both endurance and strength. Many hours on the bike can lead to many movement pattern dysfunction, muscular imbalances, and even overuse injuries. The Cycling Performance program is for those looking to prevent these type of injuries, improve their overall strength/flexibility, and eliminate aches/pains on the bike with the ultimate goal of becoming stronger for longer in the saddle. 


Our Methods (below some sort of indented bullet points)

  • 1-on-1 evaluation of medical and cycling history, including training program, past injuries, and general state of cycling performance
  • Analysis of cycling fit and identification of issues as well as individualized biomechanical variations
  • Assessing motor control and endurance with functional movement patterns that contribute to cycling performance
  • Hands-on Manual Therapy to decrease pain and address flexibility and joint restrictions impacting cycling performance
  • Individualized Home Exercise Program for Cycling Performance..

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