Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain Treatment With Physical Therapy

Pain is not enjoyable. Especially when it interferes with your day-to-day life. When it is pain that affects how you move around, then the need to have it dealt with is even more important. One type of pain that can stop you from enjoying your daily life is elbow pain. The elbow is an amazing joint because you can do a lot of different things with it. But once it is hurt, many sports and activities that you enjoy are off the table. All of us at Orange County Physical Therapy want to see you in full health. If you are suffering from elbow pain, just know that it is common and it can be treated! Here are some helpful tips about elbow pain.


Understanding the Elbow of Pain

There are many different ways that you can hurt or damage your elbow. Knowing the causes can actually help you avoid the pain of the strain. Sometimes the damage just comes from overuse. Here are some ways that your elbow can be hurt.

  • Watch out for the fracture and the dislocation. A fracture in your elbow is nothing more than a crack or break in the bone. It can happen after a fall or if something lands on it in a weird way. A dislocation is not as bad as a fracture, but it hurts the same. This happens when the two bones that make the elbow become separated and need to be reset.
  • Pain from throwing too much. Repetition is the biggest cause of elbow pain. This type of pain is common with anyone that uses a racquet or may play a sport that involves contact, like football or basketball.
  • Golfers elbow is another condition that happens when a person golfs too much. The repetition of the swing can cause the ligaments and muscles in the joint to become inflamed. 
  • Bursitis is a condition that affects the fluids that keep the joints lubricated. If these areas become inflamed any and all movement of the joint can become painful.
  • Tennis elbow is another injury that stems from performing the same movement too many times. The pain is very real and can keep you from wanting to participate in the sport any longer.

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All of these ways that your elbow can hurt are easily treatable. We can treat your problem at Orange County Physical Therapy. We offer the best in sports therapy and medicine. If you are having elbow pain and need help, then call us today at (949) 379-8400 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.



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