Golf: Improve Your Game

Golf Newport Beach, CA

​​Physical Therapists play a large role in helping golfers, and ultimately, you may really be missing out without one. What can a physical therapist do for you?

1. Everyone’s Swing is Different Because Every Body is Different.

Physical capabilities can either help or limit your capabilities as a golfer. For example John Rahm was born with a club foot, causing his right foot to be 1cm shorter than his left. This loss of mobility and stability in his right ankle, resulted in him taking a shorter backswing.

“I learned at a very young age that I’m going to be more efficient at creating power and be consistent from a short swing,” –Jon Ram

This is why it is imperative your strength and mobility is assessed to see how it can negatively and positively impact your golf swing.

2. Golf “IS” An impact Sport

Many people think golfers do not need to be athletic and can go out and swing a golf club after sitting at a desk all week. This is not true. Swinging a golf club is equal to producing thousands of pounds of force, using every muscle in your body.

To improve your golf game, you cannot treat golf like it’s different from any other sport. From recreational to pro golfers, it is imperative that you actually train to optimize your movement and avoid pain. Recovery and rehab will make you better at your game, just like it does in all other sports.

3. Maybe it’s Not Your Club

Many recreational golfers blame their swing problems on equipment and head to the shop to return their club . Very rarely is this the problem!! During repetitive sports like golf, it is imperative to let your body move efficiently to take stress off of painful areas. Next time you think about spend $500 on a new club, think about getting an assessment from a coach or Titleist Performance Institute Certified Physical Therapist at Orange County Physical Therapy.