Post Operative Physical Therapy

Recovering from surgery can be difficult whether you're a competitive athlete or simply trying to maintain your current level of independence. Physical therapy is the adjunct portion to help you be successful following your elective surgery. We can help our patients regain their mobility with different types of therapies. At Orange County Physical Therapy, in Newport Beach, California, we offer excellent post-surgery therapy for a variety of medical conditions.

Hip & Knee Replacement

Your doctor will likely want you to start moving as soon as possible after either a knee or hip replacement. A physical therapist may start you on a program that will begin with easy exercises to help you bear weight on your hip or knee. The therapist can develop a personalized treatment program that will enable you to regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion after a knee or hip replacement.


Achilles Tendon Repair

The Achilles tendon can rupture, tear, or degenerate due to tendinitis. Since this is the strongest tendon in the body, Achilles tendon repair and rehabilitation are both crucial to regaining proper mobility. Arthroscopy is a procedure that might be recommended as a diagnostic tool if you have experienced an injury or have chronic inflammation. Arthroscopy can be used on almost any joint in the body. After arthroscopy is used for Achilles tendon repair or some other medical procedure, physical therapy can help you regain your strength and restore flexibility in your legs.


Soft Tissue Surgery

Muscles, ligaments, and tendons are generally considered soft tissue in the body. For knee issues, a doctor may recommend Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery, also known as ACL reconstruction, to improve the rotation and overall stability of the knee. Bursitis and sprains are other conditions that may require soft tissue surgery. Whether you've had ligament repair, ACL reconstruction, or any type of soft tissue surgery, post-surgery physical therapy can help reduce your pain and improve healing as quickly as possible.

Physical Therapy in Newport Beach

Whether you've recently had a hip replacement, knee replacement, ligament repair, or any type of soft tissue surgery, at Orange County Physical Therapy we can help you recover quickly and regain your mobility. We offer a variety of physical therapy techniques including manual, cupping, sports, and IASTM. We provide individualized care that includes concierge therapy services. Our team of therapists and personal trainers will come to your home, office, or on the court or the field. We even offer Telehealth options for our patients. 


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