Post Surgery Shoulder Therapy

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy for Shoulder Injuries

The decisions that you make after shoulder surgery will affect your recovery time as well as the results from your surgery. Physical therapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation process after surgery on your shoulder. Orange County Physical Therapy works with specific doctors and maintains communication throughout the rehabilitation process. Our trained physical therapists also have first-hand knowledge from injuries they have personally sustained which provides insight on the post-surgical needs of our patients.


Rotator Cuff Tears

Orange County Physical Therapy follows a specific set of protocols for recovery following a rotator cuff repair or labral repair surgery. These protocols involve guidelines that use the scientific method to provide the best outcome for the patient.

A rotator cuff is a set of four small muscles in the upper portion of the shoulder that allows the arm to rotate. When these muscles are overused in sports like tennis and basketball, they can tear, resulting in pain and a reduction in movement. A rotator cuff tear can often lead to immobilization for weeks or months until the injury is healed.

A physical therapist may use specific range of motion exercises to test the shoulder and to monitor the healing process of the injury. These range of motion exercises can also be performed at varying levels of difficulty over time until the shoulder is completely healed.

Swimmer's Shoulder

Swimmer's Shoulder can be prevented by using a rigorous stretching routine, but sometimes an overextension can occur. This can result in a tear of the subacromial region of the shoulder. That type of injury can be repaired with surgery and rehabilitative therapy to restore the normal range of motion.

Post-treatment rehabilitation can involve closed kinetic upper extremity testing that can test whether a patient is ready to get back into the pool. This process involves testing the lower body mechanics to check if they can function without causing pain or discomfort. We also have specific training protocols for swimmers to maximize their strength as they return to competitive swimming.

Other rehabilitation methods include isolation and light swimming, but only if the doctor has decided that the movement will not aggravate the muscle. Patients can still participate in less demanding activities during rehabilitation to maintain their fitness levels.

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy in Newport Beach

Post-operative rehabilitation techniques are essential for patients to heal properly and restore their normal range of motion. Shoulder injuries can be frustrating and painful, but using proper rehabilitation and guidance from our expert physical therapists, can be essential on your road to recovery. Call Orange County Physical Therapy today at (949) 379-8400or contact us through our website to set up an appointment.


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