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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • I am so glad I found OCPT through Newport Orthopedic Institute (NOI) to help me fully recover following my knee replacement.

    - William P.
  • The physical therapists here are so knowledgeable, genuine, and caring. I've been to other clinics, but OCPT is different because of their personalized approach and helping me understand how and why treatments work. You will know everyone on a first name basis, and Kim and Janet make the process from scheduling to insurance as easy as possible. And they offer coffee every time I'm there. Thanks OCPT!

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  • OCPT is a great place to take care of all of your injuries and pain. Vic is an amazing therapist with an immense amount of knowledge. He will surely set you on the right path to recovery and will make it a fun experience as well! Highly recommend!

    - Danica C.
  • Gabby is my physical therapist. She's wonderful! I've been to many physical therapists over the years, and while they've been pretty good, none have been as thorough as she is. Also, she's a super nice person. :)
    From the beginning, she's listened attentively, and has identified steps I can take to reach my physical goals.
    I deal with degenerative disk disease, and while it's painful, her treatment has been quite helpful. She works on both my back and neck. She measured my back's range of motion with this tool - I think it was a goniometer - and we used that data to set achievable goals to mark our progress through our work.
    She's taken me through a series of strength and posture tests and made micro adjustments in my posture. These adjustments have such an impact on how much stronger I am and how much more weight I can bear! Holding this new posture doesn't come naturally for me, so we've been working through exercises to help me get there.

    This facility is really nice. You walk in and feel like you're in a warm, friendly atmosphere. It's clean and they have some really cool equipment. (Assault Airbike being one of my favorites.)

    The whole vibe here is awesome. Oh and on Fridays they have DONUTS!

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  • Awesome service-
    1. Cares about patients tremendously
    2. You won’t be “just a number”
    3. Will also educate you
    4. Doesn’t discourage exercise like most PTs. They encourage it and will help you through it.

    - Edgar B.
  • I have been working with Gabby for the last couple months, I have learned so much about my body movement and proper form. I have been an athlete for several years and I was doing so many things incorrectly. Gabby is very knowledgeable and professional, I recommend her for anyone. I come here once a week and it has improved my over all living. I am more comfortable, stronger, and I feel more confident. Since coming here I have improved physically as well as mentally, I am more focused at work and have more energy. My sleep patterns have also improved. They also do cupping for body toxin detox which is my favorite. Thanks guys!

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  • This place is just awesome. Victor & Gabby are both phenomenal physical therapists. I have been to multiple physical therapists and none have given the direct attention like OCPT. You have a personal one on one experience and the progress shows! They take both insurance and cash patients which is amazing. The facilities are so clean and modern. Appt scheduling is a breeze and the receptionist is the sweetest! Going to OCPT has been one of the best investments in my health and I look forward to my appt every time.
    Thank you guys!

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  • I am so grateful that I found Victor and Gabby at OCPT! They are both amazing and have a real care factor for you and your progress. I went in to see Victor because my left ankle was bothering me from rolling my ankle a few years ago. As soon as we got to talking he started asking how the rest of my leg felt, how my hip felt and my back and nailed all the issues I was having as a result of that ankle. Each week that I've gone to OCPT I've seen progress. My left leg is so much stronger and I'm no longer in constant pain. 

    I love that Gabby and Victor really take the time to talk with you about how you feel and why you're doing certain movements and what body part they are targeting. I've learned so much from them! I enjoy going to these appointments because it's such a professional, friendly and positive atmosphere. And can't forget Kim! She's so nice and helpful when working with insurance.

    Thank you OCPT! You guys are the best and have helped me sooo much!! If you're looking for a physical therapist in Orange County, this is the place to go!

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  • I have issues with Achilles tendonitis and Victor has done a great job taking care of the pain and strengthening my hip and leg to fix the issue long term. He's very knowledgeable and personal. He takes pride in his work and cares about his patients. Thanks for the help!

    - Reza M.
  • Victor is extremely knowledgeable and he truly cares about the health and healing of his clients! He is definitely not the typical physical therapist. It's amazing with the proper therapist and guidance how quickly the healing process can begin. I came here with a metatarsal & foot pain problem; we are now starting to work on my chronic shoulder problems that has also restricted me so often over the years because all kinds of doctors tell you there is nothing more that can be done. I wish I was told about Victor years ago

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  • Victor is simply the best! He is extremely personable, is experienced and knowledgeable on a wide range of conditions, provides excellent customer service, and has all the right tools to help you reach your goals, no matter where you are in life. I would recommend his services to anyone I meet!

    - Amber M.


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