Common Sports Medicine Injury Treatments

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Sports medicine tends to injuries you acquire from engaging in sports. The injuries may be mild or serious. The doctor can determine and treat any tissue or bone damage right away. If you want to find out the common sports medicine treatments for your injuries, here are the details.

Pain relief

The most common way to treat sports injuries is to take pain relievers. Tablets, capsules, and topical creams can reduce swelling and pain. Following the instructions in sports medicine can help continue the improvement until the pain goes away. This can help the individual go back to daily activities and perform better at games.

PRICE treatment

This type of sports medicine therapy can go on for two or even three days. It is advisable for minor strains and sprains. PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation) therapy starts with protection. This involves protecting the area after the injury. Rest follows and this means avoiding strenuous activities.

The affected knee or ankle should not experience pressure. A walking stick or crutches can help the patient move around. A sling can help support an injured arm or shoulder. Applying an ice pack to the injured area for 15-20 minutes every two or three hours can reduce pain and swelling. Frozen vegetables can also work. Wrapping the ice pack in a thin towel can prevent an ice burn.

Compression keeps the injured area in place. It also keeps the swelling down. Elevating the injured body part prevents the pooling of blood in it. Doing so at the level of the heart. This can reduce the swelling at the site.


People with long-term sports injuries can use this type of therapy. The sports medicine treatment will involve tissue manipulation, exercises, and massage. These techniques can strengthen the muscles and improve the range of motion. They help the injured area regain its normal range of motion. The patient can follow an exercise program. Sports medicine can strengthen the affected area and protect it from future injury.


This reduces movement in the injured area. This can reduce muscle spasms, pain, and swelling. Immobilizing the arms, shoulders, and wrists is possible with casts, splints, and slings. Keeping the injured part of the body in one position can help it heal better. The tears can close up and help the individual move normally again.


This is not the initial treatment for sports injuries. Surgery is for severe tissue damage. This sports medicine treatment can fix broken bones with rods, plates, wires, or screws. Knee ligaments often need surgical repairs once torn.

Corticosteroid shots

These sports medicine injections can help treat persistent or severe inflammation. Each shot can relieve pain. The effect only lasts for a short period. Repeating these sports medicine injections is often necessary. A patient can have two or three shots each year. A few side effects include infections, skin thinning, and fat loss.

Sports medicine can correct different injuries from being athletic

Seeking proper treatment for your sports injuries can help you get back into your playing condition. An injury can cost you weeks or months, but the right treatment can help you heal correctly. Sports medicine offers many treatment options. Working with your doctor can help determine which ones can help you the most.

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