Physical Therapy for Teen Sport-Related Muscle Sprains and Strains

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When experiencing any type of injury, it is ideal to seek physical therapy. However, teenagers who engage in sports are much more prone to experiencing a muscle injury, such as a sprain or strain. When this occurs, a visit to the physical therapist is crucial. 

Muscle strains and sprains in teens

Here is a quick overview of how physical therapy can be beneficial to teenagers who experience muscle strains or sprains from sports. This information can be helpful to caregivers or teenagers when trying to determine the best approach for a quick recovery. 

Understanding strains and sprains in teen sports

Teens' bodies are particularly susceptible to injury because they are still developing and growing. This means that the body can be fragile or tender, even if the teenager regularly exercises, which is often the case for those who participate in sports. In fact, those who do play sports may experience an additional susceptibility because their body may not always be in the best condition. Overusing the muscles can result in weak areas, which makes one more prone to injury. This is especially the case for those who play contact sports or sports that involve a great deal of physical activity, such as track and field or soccer. 

What physical therapy can do

Physical therapy can work wonders for those who have experienced a muscle strain or sprain from sports. There are many different techniques and approaches that physical therapists use when helping teens to heal from a muscle strain or sprain.

For sprains, a few things are considered beforehand, which will be used to determine what approach is taken. These include the level of pain, range of motion, and level of strength. If the sprain is severe, rest will be recommended first and foremost. After a few weeks, the physical therapist may recommend a few exercises, including moving the muscle in four different directions, performing circular motions slowly, and putting some to all of one's weight on the affected area. 

Muscle strains tend to vary because there are many areas that can be injured, as opposed to sprains, which are more common in the ankle or wrist. When a muscle is strained, rest, ice, and heat are all recommended to start. Once the initial pain and inflammation have gone down, the physical therapist may administer massages and recommend gentle exercises to restore function. 

Talk to a physical therapist today

If a teenager is suffering from a muscle strain or sprain, they should consult with a physical therapist. The physical therapist can evaluate the injury and determine the best approach to treat it. From there, they will put a plan of action into place, with the goal of the patient making a speedy and healthy recovery. 

Both the teen and their caregivers can ask questions and go over any concerns during the consultation process. To find out more about sports injuries in teens or to get scheduled for an appointment, reach out today. 

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