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A physical therapist is a great resource to utilize when recovering from an injury or learning to manage a chronic illness. One of the great approaches that physical therapists offer is targeting certain muscles through massage. There are a few ways to go about these in physical therapy. Continue reading to learn more.

A quick guide to massages from a physical therapist

Below is an overview of what to expect when getting a massage from a physical therapist. Having an understanding of this information can be helpful to those who are looking into their treatment options.

What to expect

There are a few things that one can expect when preparing for a massage from a physical therapist. First and foremost, it is important to know that results will take some time. When it comes to this approach, a few weeks of regular massages will likely be necessary in order for one's strength and mobility to actually improve. Additionally, it is not going to be like a relaxing massage that is done at a spa. Instead, the goal will be to focus on the problem area and might involve the application of strong or deep pressure.

When a massage from a physical therapist is needed

Physical therapists often work to help heal the body and get it back to optimal condition. However, some of the work they do is simply to just improve one's overall wellness. As far as physical therapist massages go, they are most often recommended when a part of the body has undergone an injury or has been affected by a chronic illness.

For example, sports players who tear an ACL or MCL will experience the need to see a physical therapist after initial treatment is done. One of the approaches used during physical therapy is massage as this helps to rehabilitate the area as a whole, thus encouraging better strength and function.

How it compares to other professionals

Getting a massage from a physical therapist is much different than what is involved when going to the spa. First and foremost, a physical therapist often recommends a massage in order to rehabilitate a certain area of the body. The goal is to improve one's mobility, function, and strength in the problem area.

When it comes to getting a massage from a spa, one is more likely to feel relaxed whereas a physical therapy massage may be uncomfortable from time to time. Of course, over time, the goal is to feel better, but at the start of these massages, patients sometimes report soreness.

Ready to get started?

When needing a massage or any type of treatment from a physical therapist, it is recommended to undergo a consultation first. This allows for the opportunity to ask questions and go over any existing concerns. Additionally, the physical therapist can evaluate and examine the problem area to make an appropriate determination of what action to take. To learn more or to get scheduled for a consultation appointment, contact us today.

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