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OCPT Discusses RICE

In the clinical setting, we still hear the phrase ‘RICE’ following injuries. RICE was the acronym used to manage soft tissue injury over the past several decades. It stands for Read More

Can Doing Too Much Peloton Lead to Hip Pain?

Using a peloton can be fun until you start feeling pain in your hips. The pain is usually mild at first but it can become worse and prevent you from Read More

ITB Foam Rolling

OCPT treats a lot of Runners, with year-round perfect SoCal weather, why not!? Like all forms of exercises, Running comes with its set of impairments and ailments. High up on the Read More

Basic Functional Movements and Motor Control in the Endurance Athlete

If you are performing regular endurance exercise such as swimming, running, you are probably familiar with the term “specific training” In short, “specific training” is consistently doing something to improve that Read More

Video Game Palsy

Get Treatment for Video Game Palsy Video games have become a source of enjoyment for millions of people. Adults and children alike have embraced this new form of entertainment as a Read More

Viewing 6 - 10 out of 24 posts


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